Clean Panels Means More Power

Trees are a vital part of life. They help to clean the air they breathe and they are beautiful. However, their leaves can be pesky and can disrupt your solar system’s performance. Nickel Energy is here to help you with firstly how to clean your main panels and secondly what steps you can take to avoid leaves in the future.

Cleaning Panels

Cleaning your solar panels might seem like a difficult task. The process can be quite easy however with the right equipment! Investing in a gurney will mean your panels will be sparkling and squeaky clean in no time at all. After seeing the increase in power generation post-clean, this is a job you’ll want to put on your regular ‘to do list’ in order to get the most out of your solar system. Cleaning your panels can increase your power generation by up to 20%.

How Often

We recommend that you clean your panels every 6 months, depending on where you live. If you are close to the beach and your panels are enduring regular salt spray, then 3-monthly cleans would be more optimal. This should ensure you are maximising your solar system throughout its lifetime. It’s important to take cleaning seriously as excessive dirt and grime can result in significant detrimental impacts to the performance of your solar system.


Even preventing leaves from disrupting your solar system in the future is an easy and straightforward process to follow. All you will need to be successful is a roll of gutter mesh (which should be available for purchase from your local hardware store). Simply place a strip of the mesh along the top edge of your solar panels. This will ensure you aren’t battling leaves too often throughout the year and you can enjoy your solar system and sustainable energy in peace.

If you notice that the performance of your solar system appears to be suffering, please contact Nickel Energy on 02 6622 0088 and we can organise a solar system audit for you.

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