Power outages that happen due to electrical storms can cause serious problems for you and your household. Although they can occur at any time throughout the year, most thunderstorms will happen between September and March for Northern NSW residents. The damage thunderstorms can cause not just electrical appliances but produce should be taken seriously. Installing a solar battery can be the solution to any problems a serious thunderstorm may cause.

Thunderstorms can cause hard drive issues for you computer, damage your appliances and can even cause your groceries to spoil. In extreme storms this can become a very costly experience to fix. Losing power is not only inconvenient, but costs you money as well. Installing a back up power supply will mean you do not have to face these problems during a thunderstorm again. You’ll be able to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply by installing a solar battery for energy storage.

Solar battery technology has advanced a lot over the past decade. Batteries are now a much more affordable addition for solar systems. Installing a solar battery means you can enjoy your solar energy at all times of the day, in any type of weather. Batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall 2, LG Chem and Enphase can provide numerous benefits to you and your home. They will supply you with uninterrupted power, protecting your electrical equpiment. This continuous power and protection differentiates solar batteries from a standby generator or emergency power system. Solar batteries supply energy that has been previously stored in the system by your solar panels.

High quality solar systems, such as the ones provided by Nickel Energy, prove themselves to be durable during heavy storms. In some cases, they can even improve the strength and integrity of your roof. Some images showing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy highlight homes that were left standing are ones that were solar protected. Severe thunderstorms can result in more damage (based on insurance claims) than bush fires, tropical cyclones, earthquakes or floods.


*Image obtained from Solar Energy USA

As well as supplying uninterrupted power, solar batteries are a cost effective energy storage solution that can be easily added on to existing solar systems. You don’t need to be new to solar to enjoy the many benefits a solar battery can add to your household.

Nickel Energy has been supplying customers with high-quality solar systems for 10 years. We give you affordable options to meet your energy needs. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality solar systems, which include solar battery options at affordable prices. For further information on solar battery installations, pricing and finance options, please contact Nickel Energy today on 02 6622 0088 and our friendly service team will be able to assist you. We will work with you and provide you the right option to have your home standby power ready in no time.

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