Fronius Fault Code 567

Is your Fronius GALVO/PRIMO/SYMO inverter displaying the STATE 567 inverter fault? If yes, this error message can mean two things. Firstly, your inverter IS still functioning and does not have an internal fault. The problem lies that it is not generating the amount of power needed to function properly. This scenario will result in the Fronius fault code 567 displaying.

What does the Fronius fault code 567 mean?

The STATE 567 fault code alerts owners that the Grid Voltage Dependent Power Reduction (GDPVR) function is still working. It is stating that the voltage of the electricity grid is higher than it should be. Due to the discrepancy, the inverter reduces power output in order to meet the acceptable grid voltage limits. Even though the inverter is functioning, its performance and power production is significantly limited. This is a problem for solar owners reporting this fault.

What can you do when this message appears?

Before addressing this fault, it is important to know this information. The GDPVR setting is a requirement in Australian Standards, meaning there are limited options available to troubleshoot this setting. These options are:

Inverter setting adjustment

Fronius GALVO/PRIMO/SYMO will be installed with automatic GDPVR settings if grid voltage exceeds 250V. You may find that some energy providers (i.e., Energex) may authorize and adjust the setting from 250V > 255V. This adjustment will fix the fault code. Only accredited solar electricians are authorized to adjust this setting. This authorization can only be provided by the local electricity provider. This electricity provider is different to your electricity retailer, as they are the entity that maintains the electricity network in your area. You may wish to contact the solar company that did your installation to ensure the inverter settings meet your electricity provider’s requirements. Ensure you confirm with the company who installed your inverter for the most accurate information.

Grid Voltage

It is possible that your Fronius inverter was installed with the GVDPR set to the maximum permitted level, yet still displays the Fronius fault code 567. In this scenario, voltages on the grid need to be assessed. Assessment is best done during the middle of a sunny day while the inverter is switched off. If you find the measure voltage is high (over 255V), you will need to contact your electricity provider. Your provider will investigate why the voltage is higher than allowed. Your electricity provider has an obligation to provide their network a stable grid voltage under 255V.

Voltage Rise in AC Cables

If you’ve followed these troubleshooting steps and the STATE 567 code is still being displayed, voltage rise could be the cause. In this case, contact your original solar installer and they will examine this for you. There is a maximum of 2% voltage rise allowed on solar installations. If voltage rise exceeds this than upgrading the AC cables at your property may fix the problem.

If you find any more issues, or have any burning questions, don’t hesitate to contact Nickel Energy. Our service team is on hand to point you in the right direction. Please feel free to browse our extensive list of Fronius fault codes here.

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