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Investing in solar energy can provide businesses with a number of benefits. These can be both financial and also can provide your business with positive brand imaging through investment in clean and sustainable energy. Benefits that Nickel Energy can provide your business include:

  1.  Reduced Operating Costs
    As leading commercial solar installers Lismore, Nickel Energy can provide your business with a solar power system that will reduce an may even eliminate your electricity bill. These savings will positively impact your business in significant ways that can allow you to direct those savings and focus on expanding your business.
  2. Good Return on Investment
    With solar technology advancing every day, utilising solar energy has become the smarter investment choice for businesses. By investing in solar technology, you will be able to generate long-term savings within a manageable payback period.
  3. Maintenance Free and Reliable
    Once installed, solar energy systems require little maintenance to optimise performance. As leading commercial solar installers Lismore, we are able to provide businesses with maintenance solutions to ensure that your solar energy system is working at maximum capacity for it’s entire lifetime.  With most systems only requiring an annual clean, you will be able to enjoy clean, hassle free sustainable energy with Nickel Energy.
  4. Earning the “Green” Label
    Your investment in renewable energy will highlight to your consumers that you are passionate about combating global warming. By partnering with a one of the leading commercial solar installers Lismore has to offer, going green can serve you and your business as a helpful marketing and PR tool.

Our commercial services are extensive and can help your business in many areas. Our commercial solar systems can help increase the efficiency of your air conditioning systems without needing to add costs for the installation of new equipment. We will install the latest in energy management systems, allowing you to utilise the latest smart technology and intelligent energy reduction software. Nickel Energy will also go above and beyond to ensure your system is working to full capacity, with energy audits available to highlight the most cost effective and efficient way of reducing your energy expenses.

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Start saving on your electricity expenses by contacting Nickel Energy today. With 10 years of commercial and residential experience, there is no better commercial installer to look after you and your businesses’ needs. We guarantee that we will provide you a high quality commercial solar system with a high level of service. Call 02 6622 0088 today and speak to our friendly service team to start your journey with solar energy. If you need anymore information regarding systems, pricing, scheduling do not hesitate to contact us.