Nickel Energy | About Us

Nickel Energy – Part of our community

Nickel Energy was established in 2008 with a simple vision – to power our communities with clean, renewable energy.

Since then, Nickel has provided economic, environmental and social benefits through reducing costs, improving environmental sustainability and through supporting our communities with employment opportunities, sponsorships and local revenue spend.

Our staff have a diverse and colourful background and are tied together with a single focus – to provide exceptional advice and service to generate exceptional results for our clients.

With over 9mW of solar installations behind us and many more ahead, Nickel Energy is a trusted, reliable and experienced solar provider. We started in 2008 with a simple vision – to power our communities with clean, renewable energy.

Since that time, we have worked with state and local governments, businesses, charities and organisations, advising on commercial solar energy, solar hot water and energy efficiency.

Our team of expert designers and installers provide local, national and international experience and are dedicated to creating efficient, practical commercial and residential solar solutions.

We understand that value is your priority – ensuring that your solar system provides value is ours. Our policy of frank, honest and open advice on solar options means you can feel confident that you have the information you need to make the right business decisions.

As the preferred solar provider for Councils, more than 25 schools, over 150 businesses and thousands of homes, Nickel Energy understands the important of tailored, flexible solar options.

Our experience in large, medium and small-scale solar systems is extensive and diverse. This knowledge allows us to plan your installation for the minimal impact on your business.