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Nickel Energy has been in the solar energy industry for 10 years. The vast amount of experience mean we can provide the most appropriate servicing solutions. We can immediately identify what the product issue is and how to troubleshoot them.

Affordable Solutions

Another positive about choosing Nickel Energy for your service needs, is that we don’t believe solving system issues by replacing them entirely. If we can solve your system’s problem by replacing a part we will recommend that for you. This option is considerably more cost-effective for you.


Nickel Energy has extensive diagnostic tools that can be used to assess your system and its needs. This means we can provide you with quick and affordable servicing solutions that will get your solar system back to fully operational status. We understand how important your solar system is to you and your home or business.

Nickel Energy Guarantee

Nickel Energy provides its customers with more than just a high quality solar system. We are committed to ensuring that your system continues to operate effectively and at maximum capacity for the duration of your solar journey. We do this through our high quality solar system servicing solutions. Even if we did not install your system, we are still happy to service your solar energy system to ensure you are not overpaying for a system that is not giving you the best possible results. We also want to ensure the safety of all residents by inspecting any under performing or potentially faulty solar system.

With regards to solar system servicing, our friendly and reliable team are willing to assist you on and queries regarding:

  • Residential of Commercial
  • Battery Storage
  • Solar system servicing, including ALL brands and models of Solar Inverters and Solar Panels
  • Processing Warranty Claims

Servicing Process

Choosing Nickel Energy for your servicing needs is a quick and easy process. We go out of our way to ensure that any major servicing faults you may have are resolved as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of ensuring your solar systems is operating at maximum capacity. The servicing process with Nickel Energy is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4:

Step One

Call our friendly service team on 02 6622 0088. Alternatively you may choose to fill out a contact form if you feel more comfortable doing so. After this, our team will assess what service solutions are available for you and your system. The initial process will involve an over the phone consultation as we will help you perform some simple troubleshooting steps. We will ensure you complete a safe shutdown/restart on your inverter as our safety policy and procedures are strict. This restart is essential in identifying the fault code your inverter will display. If the inverter is not found to be working at all we will organise a site visit to your property immediately.

Step Two

Once the initial consultation is complete, our friendly service team will identify whether the faulty product identified is still under warranty. If it is found to be under warranty, we will follow the warranty process of that specific manufacturer. If the product is found to not be under warranty, we will organise a site visit with you and one of our qualified technicians will extensively assess your solar system. This assessment is crucial in identifying the most effective and affordable servicing solution to fix the product issue.

Step Three

Our qualified technicians service the Northern New South Wales area regularly. This means we should be able to organise a site visit to your property within the week. Whilst trying to organise this with you, we will see if we can fit you in with their daily service run when you initially call. If we can work this in, we will organise the site visit that same day. Even if we can’t schedule you in for the same day service, we will ensure our qualified technician is at your site at the closest possible convenience as servicing your system is a high priority at Nickel Energy.

Step Four

After the site visit has been conducted, we will advise you of the next steps necessary to resolve your system’s issues. Once we have done this, we will take these steps and return your system to performing at maximum efficiency.

Services we Provide

Nickel Energy follows the recommendations of the CEC guidelines and recommend that you have your solar system audited and cleaned at least annually. This will ensure your panels continue to perform at maximum capacity for the duration of their product life. Nickel Energy can provide you with various troubleshooting solutions if your system is under-performing. With 10 years of experience, we have experienced almost all makes and models of solar system products. Our familiarity and experience with all things solar allow us to offer the most effective and affordable solutions for you and your solar system.

Nickel Energy has invested in solar panel testing technology since 2011. With our expertise in testing and auditing solar panels, our service reports are necessary to claim any warranties on under-performing equipment. These warranties will cover the installation of any new panels required completely free of charge. The main servicing solution we provide is:

Solar System Audit

If you suspect your panels are under-performing, we can complete a solar system audit for you. One of our qualified technicians will perform a full, extensive check on your solar system. They will also check on cables, tidying any if required. Finally, they will run a diagnostics test whilst ensuring that all fasteners and connectors are correct. Following this they will provide Nickel Energy with the findings of the tests and we will email you a report.

Eligibility for Solar Panel Warranty

As a general rule, if the production of your solar panels falls below 80% whilst the system is under 10 years old, the faulty equipment can be replaced under warranty.

Want to book a Solar System Audit for your System?

For more information regarding servicing, warranties, fault codes or to request a Solar System Audit, contact Nickel Energy today.