Fronius Fault Codes | Nickel Energy

Is your Fronius Inverter is displaying a fault code? Look no further, as Nickel Energy is here to help you troubleshoot any Fronius fault codes you may have.

We are proud to be Fronius Service Partners for over 6 years. Our experience and knowledge means we can provide assistance with any and all Fronius Fault Codes you may be trying to fix.

To assist you initially, we will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Fronius fault codes being displayed
  • Inverter model and number
  • Serial number
  • Purchase date – as this will establish the warranty expiry date

Process involved for troubleshooting Fronius Fault Codes:

After you contact our service team, one of our service specialists will contact Fronius and if applicable will initiate the exchange of components for Fronius products or will organise for a whole new device to be delivered.

After the solution has been arranged for you, we will organise a site visit at a time most convenient for you. The site visit from one of our qualified technicians will most likely have your solar system up and running within one visit, as we bring all the parts to you so you don’t have to stress. This is one of the reasons we love dealing with Fronius products, as they make it so easy and convenient for us to ensure your solar inverter is back up and running at maximum efficiency.

Please browse the tables below for all relevant information regarding the troubleshooting solutions required for each separate fault code that may be displayed.

Fronius Fault Codes 1XX
Fronius Fault Codes 2XX
Fronius Fault Codes 3XX
Fronius Fault Codes 4XX
Fronius Fault Codes 5XX

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