Zeversolar Fault Codes

Is your Zeversolar Inverter is displaying a fault code? Look no further, as Nickel Energy is here to help you troubleshoot any Zeversolar fault codes you may have.

We are proud to be a Zerversolar Authorised Service Partner. Our experience and knowledge means we can provide assistance with any and all Fronius Fault Codes you may be trying to fix.

To assist you initially, we will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Zeversolar fault codes being displayed
  • Inverter model and number
  • Serial number
  • Purchase date – as this will establish the warranty expiry date

Process involved for troubleshooting Zeversolar Fault Codes:

After you contact our service team, one of our service specialists will contact Zeversolar and if applicable will initiate the exchange of components for Zeversolar products or will organise for a whole new device to be delivered.

After the solution has been arranged for you, we will organise a site visit at a time most convenient for you. The site visit from one of our qualified technicians will most likely have your solar system up and running within one visit, as we bring all the parts to you so you don’t have to stress. Working with a Zeversolar inverter is a quick and simple process, meaning we will have your energy system working to capacity in no time.

Please browse the tables below for all relevant information regarding the troubleshooting solutions required for each separate fault code that may be displayed.

Zeversolar FAQ

Inverter Technology
Monitoring System

2.1 Can I just use a computer to monitor Zeversolar Inverters without internet connection?

We do not provide local monitoring. Zeversolar’s monitoring solution consists of either a Combox/Zevercom/Zevermanager which uploads the inverter data to our Zevercloud online monitoring portal which requires a reliable internet connection. We can provide our communications protocol to our customers to develop their own monitoring system. Third party monitoring devices and software such as Solarlog can be used with our Zeversolar inverters.

2.2 Can I install Zevercom/Zevermanager outside?

Yes, but it must be installed in an IP65 rated enclosure.

2.3 Can I obtain Weather Data from Zevercloud?

Zevercloud does not obtain or record weather data such as irradiation, temperature or wind speed. If you require to monitor weather data, it is possible to either purchase an independent weather station or you can use an existing third party solution from suppliers such as solar-log/ meteocontrol/ solarman which can communicate with our inverters.

2.4 Can Zeversolar Inverter’s communicate with SMA’s product?

No, Zeversolar and SMA use different communication protocols therefore Zeversolar inverter’s cannot communicate with SMA’s products (including SMA’s string inverter, Sunny island, Data logger, fuel save controller etc.).

2.5 Does Zeversolar’s Inverter support third party dataloggers?

Yes, Zeversolar inverter’s support dataloggers supplied by Solarlog, meteocontrol and solarman’s. In addition, for large PV plants, we can offer our protocol to a third party company to develop their own customised monitoring solution.

2.6 How to select Zeversolar’s datalogger

Residential application
Combox: Installed inside zeverlution single phase inverter, internet connection with WiFi option, one Combox can be connected with one inverter.
Zevercom: Installed externally to Zeversolar inverter’s, cable connection with inverter, internet connection with WiFi (optional) or via LAN cable, one Zevercom can be connected to a maximum of five inverters.

Commercial application
Zevermanager: installed externally to Zeversolar inverter’s, cable connection with inverter and router, one zevermanager can be connected to a maximum of 50 inverters.

System Application

3.1 How to configure PV Panels for Zeversolar Inverter’s

Zeversolar has a free PV program “Zeverplan”. This software will allow you to design your own PV system. This software is online based which can be found by clicking hereThis software is unavailable for download.

3.2 Can I use thin-film modules for Zeversolar Inverter’s?

Zeversolar inverter’s are not compatible with thin film modules. This is because they require a functional earth on either the positive or negative DC conductor. If this is the case for you, Zeversolar recommends using an isolated (transformer based) inverter. The non-isolated (transformerless) inverters are the usual design for silicon solar modules. In some cases however, some film solar panels may not require a functional earth. In this case a Zeversolar inverter WILL operate as normal. Please consult with your thin film module supplier before confirming your PV plant design.

3.3 Can I oversize the PV array with respect to the Inverter Capacity?

Yes, the PV array DC capacity can exceed the inverter AC capacity. A typical rule of thumb is that the PV array can be oversized by 20%. This is dependent on location and site irradiation levels. Excessive PV array oversizing can impact on the inverters reliability, if you are in doubt please contact your local Zeversolar technical expert.

3.4 How to realize the Power Management Functions?

Through the radio ripple control receiver (RRCR) input on the Zevermanager, you can set and adjust the PV plant output according to grid operator requirements. In Germany this is widely used to control the PV plant output in 4 stages 0%, 30%, 60% and 100%. You can also log into the webserver of the Zevercom/Zevermanager to set active/reactive power, set a fixed power factor or set a reactive power characteristic curve. The PV Plant will control the output power automatically according to the settings.

3.5 Does Zeversolar have an Export Control Solution?

Yes, through Zevercom/Zevermanager and smart meter SDM630DC/SDM630CT. You can log into the webserver of a Zevecom/Zevermanager and set “limit output power based on energy meter reading” at 0W. Zevercom/Zevermanager can monitor the PV power fed to grid from the smart meter, and reduce the output of inverter to ensure that the PV power does not exceed the load consumption.

Zeversolar Fault Codes

Zeversolar Fault Codes: Presumable


Zeversolar Fault Codes: Permanent

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