Power your Tweed Heads home with solar

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Solar for your home.

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Solar Batteries

Solar batteries.

The game changer. Store the energy captured by the sun and use it at night. Read more.

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EV chargers.

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Download a free copy of the Clean Energy Council guide to buying solar

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Hear from our customers

Great advice to suit our needs

“We’ve just had Nickel Energy install our rooftop solar system and couldn’t be happier. We had a couple of spivvy companies give us quotes based on our electricity bill. Both tried to sell us a system that generated 100% of our daily usage, meaning a vastly more expensive system than we could afford.

Nickel Energy looked at our bill, told us that we only needed a system big enough to generate the power we would use during the day (as you can’t generate power at night so we’d have to buy grid power at night) and gave us a really good price.”
Sandra — Lismore

Reliable and long-term local

“We chose Nickel Energy because they have been installing solar for a long time, they are a local business employing local people and are committed to offering quality products. We know they will be there in the future if there are any problems or queries. The sales rep was excellent and convinced us to buy a smaller system than we had originally thought of buying as it suited our energy usage better. The installers were all polite and efficient and happy to explain what they were doing and what to expect at all stages. We have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Jenny — Lismore

Friendly and professional

“Very friendly and professional company, I will recommend them to friends and family.”
BP, Nambucca Heads

Excited to be positive about the future

“I am quite excited to have solar power on my home. I feel I am doing something positive for the environment and my power bill.”
MM, Woodlawn