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Why install solar for your business?

Why install solar for your business?

There are many reasons to install solar.

A commercial solar system, designed to suit your business needs, will help reduce your daytime electricity costs as well as your bottom line. Nickel Energy can offer you different solar power solutions and give you a clear understanding of the steps to take your business solar.

Our solar team will walk you through the process – and we’ll be there to answer questions at every step.We’re all about creating a positive long-term impact. And helping your business do that too. Let Nickel Energy work with you to improve your impact — both for our region and on your bottom line.

The benefits to your business

Reduced operating costs

benefit #1

Reduced operating costs

One of the biggest reasons to install — boost your bottom line. Make savings on your electricity costs.

Reliable and guaranteed

benefit #3

Reliable and guaranteed

We offer systems built only on products that are efficient and will be reliable for the long term.

Good Return on Investment

benefit #2

Good Return on Investment

Generate long-term savings within a manageable payback period. 

Be recognised as sustainable

benefit #4

Be recognised as sustainable

Promote your solar value to clients and customers. Be seen as a business that has a social and environmental commitment.

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Installing with Nickel Energy

A step-by-step process

Our solar experts will walk you through the whole process

STEP 1 — Onsite visit, consultation & quotation

approx 1-2 weeks

We’ll visit and give you a free energy assessment

We’ll be interested to know about your business’ electricity consumption, your roof size, if you own or rent?

A range of options

We’ll run through the different commercial solar products and their benefits, and explain how much you could save over time. And, information on the Instant Asset Write-Off scheme, and see if you eligible for any government rebates. 

A quote to review

And of course, a quote! If you’re keen to proceed we’ll send a contract — just review it, sign it and send it back to our team.

Discuss commercial finance options

We have two ways for businesses to go solar — you can make an upfront purchase or arrange a financing solution with you.

STEP 2 — Installation

approx 4—6 weeks

We’ll complete a thorough technical inspection

Our solar experts will come to you to check site access, your roof and your electricity set up.

We’ll install your solar system

We’ll begin installing the new solar system hardware on your site,with as little as possible interruption to your business.

We’ll activate and connect your solar system to the grid

You’re connected. Your business has gone solar. Let the savings begin!

STEP 3 — System performance and support


Servicing and maintenance

After installation we’re still here — ready to discuss annual cleaning services, how to review your systems performance and any other queries

Years Of Experience

panels installed

solar energy produced (Mhz)


Are there tax incentives if I install solar?

Yes. Solar Systems qualify for the Federal Government’s instant asset write off program.

The $30,000 Instant Asset Write-Off provides small businesses with an asset write-off of up to $30,000 for assets costing less than the instant asset write-off threshold which are purchased and used in the year that the write-off is claimed.

You will also receive a discount on the purchase price through the federal government’s Renewable Energy Certificates program. This will significantly reduce the capital expenditure.

What are feed-in tariffs?

If you produce more energy from your solar panels that you can use, this excess is sent back to the power grid. And you receive a credit on your energy bill from your energy supplier. This is a feed-in tariff.

How much credit you get on your electricity bill will depend on the amount you feed back, what plan you’re on, and what state you’re in. Australia does not have a national feed-in tariff rate. In NSW current tariff rates are between 7-11cents /kWh exported

If you want to compare electricity prices we recommend we recommend the Energy Made Easy website from the Australian Energy Regulator.

How many solar panels do I need?

Most likely, you’ll need 6–12 solar panels, but this will be determined by a combination of factors. The number of solar panels you’ll need depends how much power you want to generate, as well as the suitability of your roof.

Firstly, you’ll also first need to determine if your roof is suitable — the direction your roof faces, and the material your roof is made from (the most suitable roofs are usually tin, concrete or terracotta tile).

We begin any partnership with Nickel by visiting your property to assess whether your roof is right for solar. It is important that we do an onsite visit in order to design a system that works for your senario. This is an obligation free consultation with one of our team.

Why our customers love solar

Future-proofing my company

“I consider solar to be an essential part of my business. On a financial front it reduces my expenses significantly today, while future proofing my company for tomorrow, by reducing my carbon footprint. There will be a carbon tax one day, get ready early.”

Barry Robinson,
Rosada Lismore

It has been a blessing

“Summerland Christian College is delighted with its solar power system, especially in this era of rising power prices. It has been a blessing to have the system installed and we appreciate the excellent service and efficiency of Nickel Energy in establishing this asset under the Federal Government’s National Solar Schools Program.”

Neil Easter
Principal, Summerland Christian College

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