Servicing and maintenance

Keep your solar PV system in optimal working condition.

Extend the lifespan of your system

Extend the lifespan of your system

With regular cleaning and servicing you will ensure your solar system is always working at its best. Get ongoing help from Nickel with solar system cleaning, health checks and upgrades.

Book a service and one of our team will come to your property for a basic clean, a more detailed health check or for any repairs.

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Our cleaning and maintenance services

We can help you maintain your solar system throughout its operational lifespan.

CLEAN — give your solar system a clean

less dirt makes for more light 

We recommend an annual clean.

Your solar panels can easily build up with dirt, dust and grime, bird, bat or possum droppings, lichen or salt, and even pollution if you’re near a busy road. Any of these can prevent your solar panels from working at their most efficient.

SERVICE — give your solar system a health check

keep your solar panels in optimal working order

We can provide you with a health check and solar report.

Book a service with Nickel Energy and we’ll give your system a thorough run through.

If there are any recommended repairs we’ll provide you with a free quote for any additional maintenance work.

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Does rain clean my solar panels?

We’d all love to have our car cleaned by leaving it out in the rain. Simple. Unfortunately though, dust, general grime and pollution all form a fine seal over the car that often becomes thicker with rainfall. Likewise, leaving your solar panels to be ‘washed by the rain’ doesn’t clean solar panels either. Regular cleaning is a form of preventative maintenance for solar panels, helping panels to remain free of hotspots, minimising microcracks and ensuring maximum energy efficiency of your solar system.

What causes damage to my solar panels?

Elements such as wind and snow can be enough over time to stress solar panels. The effects produced by stress that appear on solar panels are  commonly called hot spots and microcracks.

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